This is me and clearly you are at my page…

A bit about myself. Born and raised in San Diego, I’ve lived on both sides of the border. 4th in a lineup of five kids. I have a wife and 1 child (so far) 🙂  I love my family, friends, and life in general. Time is too short not to love or not to make the best of it. I delight in food (who doesn’t?), I give 120% towards whatever I do, am up for trying everything out… Oh and I love San Diego.

The Why?

Why did I start this page? Short version – I had a friend that had told me that there really wasn’t anything to do in San Diego on a certain weekend… This kinda ticked me off since I love San Diego and I feel like there is always something going on.  I decided to compile a list, and share all the possibilities with my friends.  San Diego has always been awesome… but lately, it’s been getting better! The food scene is, and has been now for quite some time, simply delicious. The art scene is a flourishing one. The event scene is always happening. There’s always something going on, and I want you to know about it, want to go it, tell people about it and definitely go to it – get out and be a part of it! Enough of these  “Aww… I wish I had known about it!” comments. Step up your game. Try new places to eat, meet the chefs, show up at the  event,make it known.

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  1. The pictures are great, I wish I was there to eat the food…..at least when I am in San Diego we do it, thank you for taking me along ! Mom…


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