Oceanfront winter dining series? In.

January the 11th at 6PM Chef D.J. and the staff of JRDN, in collaboration with Pacific Shellfish, kick-off their winter dining series with 5 courses of decadent seafood bounty – Making it a must add to your social calendar!  Reserve your tickets here.

Chef D.J.


A quick glance at Chef D.J’s Chef’s Roll profile and you’ll see that he was born to be a chef. He spent his childhood surrounded by food saying “Cooking and running a business was imprinted in my DNA…both my parents are great cooks…” His life travels have taken him from the Philippines to Hawaii and Northeast United States, finally ending up here in San Diego at JRDN, making some beautiful & mouth-watering dishes.

Chef D.J. mentioned that the theme of the dinner is Surf & Turf since Pacific Shellfish specializes in seafood & JRDN is a steakhouse. The menu is below (subject to change)

1st Course
Seabass tartare and Beef heart tartare
2nd Course
Scallop and Pig ear salad
3rd Course
Pounded tuna, Foie gras, octopus
4th Course
Swordfish and Oxtail
5th Course

So don’t wait.

Make plans, get your tickets, and I will see you there!! p.s. Get there an hour early, have a drink, and enjoy the sunset!



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