Locally born and raised!!

Six San Diego born chefs came together at South Bay’s first craft beer bar, Machete, coincidentally the neighborhood where these same chefs brought up. High Dive’s Chef RoseAna Peyron discovered this common thread among peers she had worked with and recruited them to collaborate on this delectable 6 course, Council Beer-paired dinner, benefiting the Olivewood Gardens. The South Bay line-up included, RoseAna Peyron, Alex Emery, Elliot Townsend, Ami Cisneros, Philip Esteban, and Claudia Sandoval.

Her  inspiration was fine tuned by the hashtag #SouthBayUprising via Machete Beer House’s social media. The hashtag is designed to showcase & call to attention to this normally uncharted territory, which in fact produces great food, drink, and chefs.

Communal tables were filled with friendly faces including Tommy Gomes, Marie Hesse, Nate Soroko, Edwin Real along with many first timers to this type of dinner.

As the courses and beer pairings by Council Brewing rolled in, each chef shared their individual experiences growing up in South Bay.

The Dishes

As the night came to end, the chefs, Machete, and Council, raised their glasses thanking everyone for attending the successful night! As Chef Rosie put it, “not bad for a bunch of kids from South Bay!” As we made our way out, you could hear the chefs call out their high school name… Oh, sweet rivalry.

Make sure to follow Rosie to attend the next South Bay soirée! AND MAKE SURE YOU SUPPORT THEM AND FOLLOW THEIR DELICIOUSNESS!!

Chef RoseAna Peyron

Chef Alex Emery

Chef Elliot Townsend

Chef Ami Cisneros

Chef Philip Esteban

Chef Claudia Sandoval


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