Baja’s Wine Country just got more divine!

If you thought Chef Javier Plascencia had his plate full of projects, think again. He’s found time to add one more, branching out and opening a quaint Bed & Breakfast in San Antonio de Las Minas called Finca La Divina. The concept of the rustic 3 bedroom sanctuary was based on his own experiences during regular visits to the harvest festivities and the opening of his restaurant, Finca Altozano.

We attended the soft opening of the wine country estate along with other industry people, arriving early so that we could chat it up for a few minutes with Javier. As we walked in, we were greeted by him, as he was putting the finishing touches for the opening.

Vino in hand, we strolled through the B&B, beginning with beautifully appointed common area and bedrooms. Immediately I can feel myself wishing that I was staying that night (a sentiment probably shared by everyone), but that will have to come a later time. 🙂

Countrified and 5 star. The designers of La Divina, did a fantastic job balancing both of these, while still giving you a homey feel.

Through the patio doors, and we are welcomed to a picturesque outdoor retreat featuring a heated pool and jacuzzi.

Craft breweries & winemakers participating in the opening, were sprinkled throughout the property, ensuring a lively evening full of libations, complimented by live music.

As Javier manned the Santa Maria grill, his staff served up a feast that left everyone satisfied.

For those of you wondering about reservations, get in line! Chatting it up with fellow attendees, we found that most of us couldn’t wait to come back to stay!

p.s. Watch out for 8 more villas in 2016!


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