Another Smokin’ Dinner!

A triumvirate of Baja California Chefs & a dazzling duo of hosts.

Photo By Culinary Photographer Josue Castro

Join one of Baja’s quintessential ambassadors, Fernando Gaxiola (Baja Wine + Food), along with artist and Swedish Master Craftsman Gustaf Anders Rooth at Planet Rooth Haus Design this Thursday the 18th at 6pm for round 2 of the Barrel Smoker Dinner Series. Things heat up the second time around with Michelin star/International Celebrity Chef Drew Deckman, International Celebrity Chef Ryan Steyn, and the up and coming star Chef Karla Navarro who’s already made her mark on the culinary scene! Chefs will be using Gustaf’s iQ Oak Barrel Smoker for this family-style dinner, as their centerpiece cooking device.

As you arrive, Monte Xanic Winery will be on hand, awaiting each of you with your own bottle of wine (Included with your ticket)! Meet the chefs, chat it up with fellow guests, and while you’re there, check out Gustaf’s workshop, smoker, and wine barrel furniture which he makes on site! Then grab a seat and relax as dishes make their way to you, presented by each of the chefs! We went last time and had a blast! If you missed our write-up, check it out below!

Last I heard there were still a couple of tickets left, but that doesn’t surprise me. Us San Diegans are so last minute… But keep in mind, it will sell out. 😉

Click here for tixs!

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