If this is what a family-style dinner is, then call me the brother from another mother!

Baja Wine + Food & Planet Rooth Design Haus kicked off The Barrel Smoker Dinner series yesterday with an outstanding collaboration with Celebrity Chefs Javier Plascencia, Flor Franco & World Food Champion Ricardo Heredia! Hosted by Gustaf Anders Rooth at his house/gallery, it was the perfect venue to showcase these artists. I employ the term artist because it most accurately describes the individuals involved. Gustaf is the artist, the dreamer who designed the iQ Barrel Smoker in which these dishes were prepared. Chefs Javier, Flor, & Ricardo are culinary artists, mixing flavors like color palettes, painting our dishes with beautiful brushstrokes. And finally Fernando Gaxiola, the artist as convener, who brings together people and pairs them with food, wine, and great friends. Now you see why I would want to be adopted into this family??  🙂

Upon arrival, we were each greeted with our own bottle of wine which we could decide to either enjoy at the dinner or
take home. But let’s be serious… Phenomenal food demands fabulous wines. Clearly, none of these bottles found their way home. Lomita winery from Valle de Guadalupe was on hand with their Espacio en Blanco (Chardonnay), Cursi Rosé (Grenache), Discreto Encanto Blend, Pagano (Grenache) and Sacro (Cabernet-Merlot).



With our table selection complete we made our way outside to join the chefs in the prep Area. Chef Flor Franco greeted us with smoked oyster from San Vicente, organic chicken, rib eye, and NY steak, all prepared in this revolutionary smoker. Yes. You read that right. This smoker does it all, and in no time at all. The chicken and meat was smoked for about 20 minutes, coming out tender and juicy as were the meats – our meal was off to a running start!


A warm welcome from Fernando Gaxiola of Baja Wine + Food, and Gustaf Anders Rooth of Planet RoothDesign Haus provided context to our gathering. Fernando highlighted how cuisine, wines and good times transcend and brings down borders. Gustaf shared his dream to move from Sweden and collaborate with like minded artists.


Among the guests were Caron Golden of Close to the Source & GoldenWriting, Vanessa McGill and Henry Wade of SanDiegoVille.com, Chef Andrew Spurgin of Andrew Spurgin, LTD, Chef Melissa Nakouzi of Allure Restaurant as well as all of us food lovers.



As the dishes came out, so did the chefs to share their inspiration!

Chef Flor Franco

Smoked Baja octopus / poblano pesto / smoked mixed and chorizo beans / smoked chayote relish with pumpkin seed salsa.


Chef Ricardo Heredia

Tamalitos / roasted morels in foie gras & duck confit

Potatoes poached in buttermilk & grilled with peat moss / tossed in goat cheese and dehydrated huitlacoche

Beef tenderloin smoked in barley hay w/ flor de junio bean broth /


Chef Javier Plascencia

Barbacoa of lamb neck marinated overnight/ smoked in burned maguey leaves /

Smoked pasilla salsa with kombucha


If you missed out, well that’s pretty much it. You missed out. BUT don’t despair! There is always next month!!! See you there!






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