Food Garden. Best mall food court? Yep. That pretty much sums it up!


Tijuana’s burgeoning culinary scene just kicked it up a notch with its newest addition, Food Garden – a mall-based food court. Yes – you read that correctly! As in a food court inside of a mall. Far from being just any food court, this one could possibly be the best food court ever in our region…

Last night I attended the inauguration of Food Garden with a long-time friend who hadn’t been to Tijuana in over ten years and who was just as excited to attend as I was! We had an awesome discussion not only on the restaurants that are a part of the Food Garden, but also on how these concepts and chefs, are shaping the region and becoming a central hub for people on both sides of the border.



We had a couple of minutes to chat it up with Food Garden President Ricardo Nevarez. We briefly talked about the excitement, and the turnout for the event!


Based in Plaza Rio, an open-air shopping center in Tijuana, Food Garden encompasses 11,000 square feet and houses 12 food establishments headed up by local celebrity chefs, a French-trained chef, and Baja pizzeria with a cult like following.  Showcased are regional products including local cheeses, Baja wines, desserts, and an array of local artisanal items.

Among the attendees were French-trained Renowned Chef Martin San Roman, Culinary Visionary Andrew Spurgin, Baja Wine + Food’s Fernando Gaxiola, exceptional photographer Josue Castro, Valle De Guadalupe’s Chef extraordinaire Ryan Steyn, The Blind Burro’s Consulting Exec.Chef Sara Polczynski, A Gringo in Mexico‘s W. Scott Koenig, as well as Celebrity Chef Javier Plascencia of Erizo and the much anticipated Bracero in Little Italy!



We arrived to a lively band, vino, delicious food, and great friends!! Perfect recipe for rad times!


DSC_6802-01DSC_6803-01 DSC_6848-01DSC_6823-01

 At just a few minutes from the border, make sure it’s on your list of things to checkout!

DISCLAIMER: My party and I were invited as guests to dine at the Food Garden. The chefs generously picked up the tab for us on this occasion. My opinions are my own, and no compensation was received from the restaurant or its affiliates for writing this article.


  1. I love both Food Garden Market and the original Food Garden not far from Hospital Angeles in another part of the Zona Rio area. So much good food to be found in TJ. Thank you for letting more people know about the awesomeness that is Food Garden Market!

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