Chef Mario Medina spicin’ things up Bernini’s!

If the media preview is a glimpse of what’s to come at Bernini’s Bistro & Bar in La Jolla, count me in. Chef Mario Medina (formerly of Finch’s) has come on board as Executive Chef, and I was one of a select few to be invited to sample his new creations!


In addition to being an awesome dude, Chef Mario, participates in various local events including the SD Bay Wine & Food Festival, Taste of the Cove, La Jolla Art & Wine Festival and the Latin Food Festival. His background plus my familiarity with his cuisines, made me more excited to preview the new menu at Bernini’s!


Bernini’s holds its own as a long time la Jolla staple with a loyal following…  And I do mean long time. Going back to my high school years I can recall many an afternoon/evenings whiled away with friends and Hamdi, the owner. One has always been able to expect good food. For me,it’s been all about the pizzas… more on the thin crust side,  slightly crispy without being burnt with the right amount of cheese.


As I chatted up Chef Mario before the dinner about what he envisioned for the menu, his excitement was palpable!  He highlighted the importance of balancing what people expect while elevating the dining experience.

The assorted invitees included some of my favorite peeps, writers, and old friends, along with new faces of people who share the same passions! Good stuff!!


Check out some of the new items joining the menu at Bernini”s – looking forward to enjoying them soon!

Hamachi Tostada Napa Cabbage / Avocado Mousse / Pasilla chile oil


Spanish Chorizo, Prosciutto, Local Fat Iron Steak, Pimento Cheese, Fig, Grilled Pineapple, Balsamic Reduction / Sriracha Aioli


Free Range braised chicken / celery root mashed potatoes / Avocado tempura / honey sauce


Cilantro Panna cota / blueberry rum glaze


DISCLAIMER: My party and I were invited as Chef Mario’s guests to dine at Bernini’s. The chef generously picked up the tab for us on this occasion. My opinions are my own, and no compensation was received from the restaurant or its affiliates for writing this article.

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