Arte, Vino,y Comida? I’m in.

Liberty Station, Latin American Art Festival, and loads of multi-talented artists  – the place to be over the weekend~

El Arte

Among the more than 65 artist, you had the musically inclined who, with the guitar virtuosity or dance floor dexterity had us tapping …or the light & full bodied artists that breathed in the wine garden, swirling around and playing with our senses… visual artists filled the park with their sculptures, paintings, and custom pieces. And of course the artists de cuisine that found their way to our hearts through delectable, aromatic and tantalizing dishes!

El Vino

In the Wine Garden, mi amigo Fernando Gaxiola owner of Baja Wine + Food (largest importer of Baja wines) showcased Monte Xanic wines and the picturesque Valle de Guadalupe. If you haven’t met him, you must and experiment with varietals from the Valle! Vino and friends are his passion!! 

 Fernando Gaxiola of Baja Wine + Food

Los Chefs

A warm welcome to Chef Javier Plasencia of Bracero (coming soon to little Italy), Chef Chad White of Comun Kitchen & Tavern, Chef Priscilla of Talavera Azul, Chef Jorge Gutierrez of Romescos to name a few… Onsite, hands-on, they talked food to us – what passion! You could taste it in each dish!! Chefs Priscilla & Jorge debuted their birria tacos, which were some of the most flavorful I’ve had!! ( I may have had 10 of their tacos… yikes! lol) And Chef Chad SOLD OUT of his Elote but the crowd was just as pleased with his tostadas de carnitas y escabeche!

Gennaro Garcia, Chef Javier Plascencia (Bracero Cocina), Maribel Moreno


 Chef Jorge Gutierrez & Chef Priscilla

and the debut of their birria taco!

Chef Chad White of Comun Kitchen & Tavern

and his tostadas de carnitas, escabeche and his elote!!

Great weather for making a day out of it – including my wife and son!! Picture perfect family time!!

Beautiful showcase for these artists to exhibit their craft under tents and in the park. For all of those who haven’t had a chance to venture to our sister city and visit our neighbors to the south, the festival brought Baja to you –  art, vino, and beyond delicious comida!


If you missed out, well, hasta la proxima!

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